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Hi, my name is Dawn.

I’m a life and mindset coach who works with women who feel stuck and secretly want more from life. They’re unsure where to start and are afraid of judgement, failure or the unknown. I help them challenge their thinking, take action, and create a fulfilling life they love.

I’m amazed at how far I’ve come in such a short period of time.

When we started working together I was new to my profession and I knew that I really needed to get visible to attract new clients, but something was holding me back. Since working with Dawn I have continued to grow in confidence when ‘putting myself out there’ in networking meetings, approaching other professionals about collaborations and I now happily share my services on social media.

I also had a feeling of guilt if I wasn’t working and I used to feel as though taking time to look after myself was something I had to earn by doing some kind of hard work first. Dawn helped me see how detrimental it could be not to have balance in my life. She helped me achieve what I thought was impossible. I’ve accepted social invites even in my busiest of times and regularly meet up with new and old friends. I’m now far happier in my social life and having much more fun than before. I also regularly take time out of my working week to practice yoga, go for a walk or have a massage.

Dawn was able to create such a safe environment, I didn’t have any hesitation in sharing my deepest fears or concerns. I love her approachability, understanding and ability to remind me why I needed to take action on my goals. My whole life is in better balance and I feel as though I have a new found freedom to enjoy life guilt-free.

Anyone who has a vision of how they want their life to look, but is unclear about the steps they need to take to get there should definitely use Dawn’s services.
— Rebecca Tucker, Nutritionist