Life Coaching - Misconceptions and Truth


When you think of life coaching what immediately springs to mind?  

-       Do you think that coaching and counselling are the same things?

-       Do you think that life coaching is just for hippies?

-       Or are you someone who thinks that life coaching is only for people that are “failing” at
life? That they’re the sort of people who need to be sat down, handed a cup of tea and be given specific step-by-step instructions about how to go about day-to-day living?

These are common misconceptions about those who choose to work with a life coach.

In truth: 

  • Those who choose to work with a life coach (or any coach) are not failing at life. Those who work with a coach do so because they’re craving a fucking spectacular, vibrant and rich life.  Not a bland, monotonous life that can be described as just “fine” or “okay”.  
  • Life coaches are not counsellors (okay, so some are but only if they’ve completed a separate counselling qualification).  The basic difference is that counsellors help their clients look to the past to focus on previous experiences and develop coping mechanisms and strategies to be able to let the past go.  Life coaches do not focus on the past.  They work with clients to focus on their dream life and help them to take step-by-step action to create the life that they dream of.  This invariably includes helping the client to overcome limiting beliefs and habits but in a process of constantly moving forward, not staying focused (and therefore stuck) in the past. 
  • Coaches can specialise in a variety of general areas (and many combinations of those areas) for example, in: life; career; health; wellness; spirituality; business; creativity; coaches that work with mothers; coaches that work with individuals over a “certain” age; coaches that work with people on relationships and many, many more.  And within these general areas coaches can have a uniqueness not only with how they work, but also with who their “ideal client” is.  If you are looking for a coach it is therefore worthwhile to speak with several coaches that appeal to you to find the right “fit” for you to work with. 



So, as a life and wellness coach what do I do?

  • I hold a safe space for you to truly open up and give voice to your dreams.
  • I will ask you powerful questions to really focus in and develop a crystal clear vision of the life you want to live.
  • Using powerful questions I will also help you to create beautiful, powerfully worded goals that when you say them out loud Just. Make. You. Feel… the beauty, peace, happiness, joy, vibrancy (or whatever it is) that you crave.
  • I will work with you to identify those action steps to take for you to continually move towards your goals.
  • Through our sessions (and in between via email) I can help you identify self-limiting beliefs and behaviours that you may not even be conscious of, and guide and challenge you through breaking those habitual patterns that are holding you back.

And of course, I will celebrate with you those wins along the way and you will have them beautiful.  

I truly believe that.